Leila Real Estate Development Company

The company was established in 2009 in accordance with Law No. 159 of 1981 with Egyptian capital. It aims to diversify and establish a selection of pilot projects in many areas while preserving social values and respect for different cultures.

The company has succeeded in forming economic alliances with a consistent group of investors, including real estate and commercial fields. and the company seeks to add agricultural, educational and mining activities.

The company is keen to carry out the necessary studies and select the distinguished sites for its projects and aims to improve the quality of performance and adherence to the dates and achieve savings through the integration of its various and different activities and through:

  • Acquisition of Al-Shorouq Company for Construction and Development.
  • Contribution, establishment and management of the Aswl Al-Baḥr al-Aḥmar Company for real estate investment and tourism and project management.
  • Establishment and management of Lilah company for real estate development.
  • Establishment and management of Golden Wall Riley Investment Company.
  • Establishment and management of Creative MindReal Company for General Trading and Distribution.

Experience in Construction and Contracting

Implementation and finishing of projects owned by the company and others, including areas of general contracting and construction – Basic buildings – Concrete works – Foundation works, also the company is keen to carry out the necessary studies and select the distinguished location of its two projects and aims to improve the quality of performance, punctuality and increase the company’s experience in the construction projects of Luxury, economical and commercial housing.
The company has the financial and human resources enabling it to achieve the required goals efficiently, high quality and on time.
Several projects have been implemented within the new Cairo
For example, but not limited:
Inside The Palm Compound
Inside the neighborhoods (a – Jasmine / b – Albnfsj / c – Alqarnafil / d – Bayt Alwatan)