Finishing Items

• Carpentry workshop for jambs – plastering – Establishment of electricity works.
• Plumbing and sanitary installations + air conditioning drainage.
• Painting works – Cornices and suspended ceilings
• Ceramic works of floors and walls.
• Adjusting doors, windows and alumital installation.
• Finishing of paints and decoration.
• Final finishing of electricity and installation of lighting units.

Stages of finishing

• Perform a site inspection and take measurements and spaces
• Perform a three-dimensional design that contains all the proposed work and details, allowing the customer the ability to view the site before implementation.
• Implementing executive drawings according to the design in order to ensure the accuracy of implementation and the implementation of all stages of implementation.
• Implementation of the design on the ground while ensuring the quality of the works.
• Delivery of the site to all the finishes of the customer with a certificate of guarantee all the work carried out by the company.